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Shown at
Upstairs at the Clerk's House
118 1/2 Shoreditch High Street
London E.1

15 April - 23 May 1999
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Globe Town

Mrs Anne and I rode under the man that hangs upon Shooters Hill and a filthy sight it was to see how his flesh is shrunk to his bones.

Samuel Pepys - Diaries, 1661

(Grand Union Canal), Haggerston

The crowd slid past the bonnet and the windows, mixed their faces with no features and their liquid bodies under a sudden blaze, or vanished into the streaming light of a tall door that led into the bowels of rich night london where all the women wore pearls and pricked their arms with needles.

Dylan Thomas - Adventures In The Skin Trade, 1955


Bow Creek

Oh over there the setting sun and under that the silent stars and under they the weeping sky and under her the laughing world... Great Anarch and Monarch of Not. The flight of Lucifer over London.

David Tibet - Lucifer Over London, 1994

East London

It was interesting to watch the crowds. The East London women are pretty (it is the mixture of blood, perhaps), and Limehouse was sprinkled with orientals - Chinamen, Chittagonian Lascars, Dravidians selling scarves, even a few Sikhs, come goodness knows how. Here and there were street meetings. In Whitechapel somebody called the Singing Evangel undertook to save you from hell for the charge of sixpence.

George Orwell - Down and Out in Paris and London, 1933


Grove Road

London is one of the few cities in the world to have a dual rulership. Some occultists say that the city, defined for astrological purposes as that area to the East of St Paul’s, is ruled by Capricorn, and that part to the West is ruled by Gemini.

Charles Walker - Sites of Mystery and Imagination, 1990


Bow Common Lane  


The representation on the maps of a road, or footpath is no evidence of the existence of a right of way.

Geographers’ A-Z London Atlas, 1988




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