adj [ Gk zetetikos, fr. zetetos, (verbal of zetein to seek for, inquire) + -ikos -ic; probably akin to Sanskrit 'diyati' - he flies, soars ] :
Proceeding by inquiry.



A selection of my prints are held for sale by
Eyestorm London W1, and in the print room of
Lucy Bell Fine Art Photography East Sussex, UK.


  • Archivally processed monochrome prints on premium quality fibre based paper.
  • All images are hand printed and finished by Alexander Brattell unless otherwise stated.
  • My preferred print size is 11x14 inch (approximately 28x 35.5mm).
    with an image size of approximately 11.5 x 8 inches (29.7 x 20.2mm).
  • Studio sales are welcome for editions not available in the galleries above.
  • Studio visits are welcome by appointment.
  • London 10X8's and Edge Of England images are available as 10"x8" fibre based prints. Other images may also be ordered in this size.
  • Other print sizes can be made to order.
  • Matting and framing are available on request.
  • I also have archives of images from Poland, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Southern Africa and elsewhere.
  • Prices are subject to VAT in the European Community.
  • Shipping is at cost.
  • Please e-mail me with any enquiries about specific images or if you are looking for something that you don't see on these pages.

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