RIVINGTON GALLERY 69 Rivington Street, London EC2
1st - 24th SEPTEMBER 2003
Wednesday to Sunday. Noon till five. Old St tube.

A contradiction between principles or conclusions that seem equally necessary and reasonable.
(Greek: anti, against; nomos, law)

I always carry a camera and often try to let pictures come to me rather than consciously constructing them. The moment that announces itself from the corner of the eye and might not at first make any sense is what gets my camera out of its bag. The constant possibility of delight in the sudden unknown makes me feel as if I am always travelling. The pictures are about things that don’t easily lend themselves to words (even though they might contain them) and so are about the sensation of a place rather than the place itself.

When people are attracted to my pictures, sometimes for reasons that are completely different to why they were made, then I feel I have captured a feeling or intuition that we share but do not usually acknowledge and cannot quite define.

We are tempted to ignore these rough edges in our daily lives as they interfere with the clean lines we need to construct a workable reality. We all navigate life with incomplete or redundant maps which cannot always be improved by making order out of their inherent chaos. It is the harder option of appreciating confusion that, paradoxically, will make us more comfortable. In our rush for science and logical understanding, we are losing our ancient ability to live with the unknowable. This is a skill, like happiness, that cannot be taught, only shown.

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This exhibition has been made possible with support from The London College of Fashion Research Project Fund.